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Business Development

eXsusa provides fully functional and dynamic solutions to the enterprise. We cater for business processes and complete business systems that can be implemented in one go or in timely fashion.

The core reason why we have gained so much success is that we implement MSCRM solutions (Microsoft Customer Relationship Management) for the corporate customers that are not only achieved but completely practical as well.

The benefits of using CRM systems are three-fold-cost reduction, better customer retention, and increased customer satisfaction. Moreover, it brings in more business at a lower cost which in turn has a positive effect on the profit.

Technology Services:

Our objective is simple, the fusion of people, process, and technology to create a working environment with a user-friendly outlook yet a complex system on the backend.

Customer relationships are handled and maintained by people; however, the technology factor does come into play very much in the form of assistance and enabling a stronger bond between each other. The crucial factor for a CRM deployment is to be able to make sure that the entire process ultimately bridges and reinforces the People and the Technology components. We believe that the success of a CRM solution lies solely in this combination.

Apart from this, we also emphasize on the commonly called Requirements Study or Mapping Stage which can also be a critical factor for the success of the project. A good analysis of the customer requirements can lead to a system which has no missing links and which is tailored to the exact needs of the business.