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Social Media Marketing

Social Media are becoming more and more important nowadays. With users visiting them more times per day and spending more time using them, a well-targeted social media marketing plan can be significant for your business. Simply launching a social media plan won’t give you the success you’re looking for. What eXsusa Holdings will do for you is take under notice all the demographic, age, language, interests and many more preferences within your social media marketing plan. That way, you’ll rest assured that your social marketing plan targets exactly the group of people you want to, boosting your sales and cutting down unnecessary costs.

Starter Plan
  • 24/5 Support
  • 3 months Renewal
  • 1 User Licence
  • No Contracts
  • 1 Domain
  • $7/mo
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Advanced Plan
  • 24/6 Support
  • 5 months Renewal
  • 3 User Licences
  • No Contracts
  • 3 Domain
  • $15/mo
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Pro Plan
  • 24/7 Support
  • 7 months Renewal
  • 5 User Licences
  • No Contracts
  • 5 Domain
  • $20/mo
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