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eXsusa Holdings thrives to keep the quality of its services at a world-class level and in the same time keep its pricing at competitive levels. The key to our success is the thorough expertise of our staff members, the solid organization of our company and the innovative technologies we use.

We always try to keep our methods up-to-date with the latest trends and specifications that will allow the best results for our clients. Our philosophy is to guarantee 100% satisfaction to each and every one of our customers regarding our services.

In an effort to fully meet the demands and needs of our clients, of any size, we provide a wide range of services to help meet the demands. These include:

1 Web Design and Development
Having provided creative solutions regarding the web design and the software development in significant clients worldwide, we can ensure that our designs will be modern and fully functional and that our solutions will be creative.

2Web Optimization Services
Using our developed and tested tools, we can guarantee the best results regarding the optimization of your personal or corporate website. Through this process, we analyze the functionality and the elements of your website and we present the best possible solutions so it can be fully optimized.

3Custom Applications Development
eXsusa Holdings has developed hundreds of custom applications throughout its successful course. The secret to our success is that we custom tailor our applications so we meet all the specific requirements our clients have.

4E-Commerce Solutions
We can offer a wide variety of solutions regarding your e-commerce website that will lead you to increase your profits and conversion rates. Our tested methods and tools will be implemented in the most suitable way for your website.

5Business Process Solutions/Managed Services
Our goal is to provide to every business the care and quality of service it deserves. No mass or template solutions are provided by our company. We take business managing and processing seriously and can deliver our work quickly and with reliability.

6Business Development & Consulting Services
Our years of experience, our top notch education and knowledge and the constant contact with business development and IT solutions put us in position to be the most reliable and effective consultant in our field.

7Industry/Operations Research
Industry and Operations Research is a specialized field that eXsusa Holdings can serve with success. The challenges we face every day only pushes us to improve our quality and extend our specialization, so we can satisfy even the most difficult case and the most demanding customer.

8Branding and Marketing
Every Business want to be unique, here at eXsusa, we help you achieve this by creating a brand for your company and helping you showcase it to the world. We make you unique and stand out among your competitor. We not only help you brand your business, we help you with all marketing tools that will get you more customers and increase your profitability.