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Application Development

We all are aware of the fact that custom made applications need a lot of time to develop, may be costly, and the end product could be very complex. Furthermore a lot of attention is needed to meet the requirements of the client and see to it that the application performs all the necessary functions as mentioned in the analysis or specifications phase.

We at eXsusa make sure that software projects are not poorly managed as it could be a crucial factor in determining the quality of work at a company. All aspects such as software scalability, performance, security, support, and maintenance are kept into consideration while developing the application. If we look at the application as a product we can outline the following flowchart as the very basic pattern that should be followed:

The eXsusa team has over 16 years of expertise in the analysis, design, development, testing and support of custom software applications. Our technology expertise, coupled with sound software engineering processes, ensures quality and results within time and budget parameters. What should be mentioned is that we utilize the most up to date and latest technologies to develop these applications that meet the unique requirements or needs of the client.

We keep it simple. We analyse the needs and come up with design options. We engage the client in this process and help them determine what is most suitable to them. Since the project lifecycle is of utmost importance, our technical team does its best job to stick to the sequence of steps already defined and in turn meet the deadlines at each part of the process. Our processes focus on early and ongoing user involvement via screen designs and use-case analysis. Since the approach that we take is divided in phases therefore it is easier to handle the changes in the business requirements and each set of operations can be modularized to make the task look much simpler.

One of our key competitive advantages in the software development arena is our blend of onshore and offshore resources. Our onshore technology experts work in tandem with a talented pool of offshore designers/developers to ensure successful completion of your project. This means you get all the quality, face-to-face, personal service that your project demands while taking advantage of a global resource model.

Application Development

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